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Wealth Without Sorrow

There are many ways to become poor; and, while becoming rich is more difficult than becoming poor, there are many ways to do that as well.

Often, those who feel they don’t have enough money will toil and labor to get it, and many people who have more than enough money have regrets about the things they had to give up obtaining it.

Is there a way to become rich without the troubles and regrets? Proverbs 10:22 informs us that, “It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it” (NASB). The phrase “He adds no sorrow to it” has also been translated “hard work adds nothing to it”.

How much time do we spend trying to work harder, smarter and longer? I’m not recommending that we all stop working hard but this verse has helped me identify where I am focusing my efforts. Am I planning out my day from start to finish with activities that God would want to bless?

From my work interactions with clients and peers to the way I treat my wife and kids to the activities I choose in my leisure time, I need to focus less on the balance in my bank account and more on walking in relationship with the Lord.

If I truly believe that every blessing I have is from the Lord and my hard work can’t add to these blessings, then my focus each day is thankfulness and honoring Him with my time and actions.

They call it the straight and narrow road for a reason. It is counter-cultural to be thankful. It is counter-cultural to protect time for friends, family and rest. Yet God has laid out a roadmap in His word that leads us to wealth “and He adds no sorrow to it”.

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