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Destination Accounting was formed in 2020 as an accounting firm that is designed to provide business owners with tax and business plans that give them confidence in the business decisions they are making and freedom to do more of the life-giving work that they were created to do.

The name "Destination Accounting" highlights the value the company puts on getting to know each client and where they want to end up - their Destination - before preparing their tax plan. 

There is a lot of flexibility built into the Canadian tax system and it is impossible for an accountant to know how to prepare the best tax and business plan for a client unless we know where they want to end up.


A confident business owner who spends most of their time doing work that is life-giving to them is a business owner who knows where they want to end up and has a tax and business plan that will take them there.


Destination Accounting is a trusted guide. It's what we do. Every day.


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Dave Pasman, CPA, CA

Trusted Professional Here to Serve

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Founder and Principal

Dave Pasman, CPA, CA is the founder of Destination Accounting. Dave started working as an accountant in 2009 and has worked with over 300 small and medium-sized businesses in Manitoba and Alberta.

Dave started his Bachelor of Business degree at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta and graduated from Brandon University in Manitoba.

Dave then worked for six years for a national accounting firm and completed his Chartered Accountant designation during this time. 

In 2016 Dave and his wife, Amanda, moved with their children to Three Hills, Alberta where Dave worked with a local accounting firm. During this time Dave focused his work and studies on tax planning and business development strategies which included graduating from the CPA Canada In-Depth Tax program in 2019.

When Dave is not in the office he enjoys soccer, hiking, camping, spending time with family and telling "dad jokes" which he stores in his dad-a-base. 

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