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Interest Free Loans for Rural Businesses

Three local organizations: Community Futures Wild Rose, the Town of Three Hills and Kneehill County have formed a partnership to help support rural businesses. These organizations are providing a loan of up to $10,000 to help rural businesses improve the look of their business, purchase equipment, increase growth, upgrade technology, improve efficiencies, or improve their office space.

Eligible businesses can receive a loan that starts with a 5% interest rate however, once the loan has been completely repaid, the Town of Three Hills and Kneehill County will repay all the interest that was paid by the business during the loan term. This amounts to an interest free loan for the business and growth opportunities for our community.

For more information about this interest free loan for rural businesses you can contact Community Futures Wild Rose or visit their website at

Destination Accounting prepares tax plans and business plans to give owners confidence in the decisions they are making. Email or phone 403-924-2220 to speak with me about your business today.

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