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A Successful Hiring Process

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Business success and the lifestyle you are looking for do not happen by chance. They are a result of intentionally moving your business through the four stages: The Grind, Delegation, Sweet Spot and Transition. The last blog post on the Delegation stage noted the importance of hiring the right employees. This key business area can make or break a business and it is too important to be left up to chance. Follow these steps to ensure you are hiring the employees your business needs to grow and reach its goals: 1. Pray – Your business impacts your family, your employees’ families, your customers, your community and future generations in all of these arenas. God cares about your business and the people who work there. Ask Him to send the right person your way. 2. Know who you are looking for – this is more than just the tasks you need done. Consider personality and character traits such as attention to detail and ability to take initiative. 3. Let people rule themselves out – when you advertise, be clear as to who you are looking for and who you are NOT looking for. This lets people rule themselves out and saves you time. 4. Interviews – yes, this word is plural. You should have multiple. Try having them in different settings. Go bowling or have them help you coach your kids’ soccer practice. You will spend a lot of time with this person. Are they friendly to strangers? Do they help others? Do you enjoy their company? 5. Personality test – What motivates this person? Are they driven or laid back, detail oriented or big-picture? I find the Enneagram and LAB Profile tests to be helpful. Other more popular tests include the DISC or Myers & Briggs. The more you can understand about a person before hiring them the better. 6. Why do they want the job? You really have to press on this one. Interviewees know this question is coming but you have to keep asking why until you get to the core of who the person is. The real question you want answered is, “Does this job fit with your purpose on earth and the reason God created you?” Watch to see if they light up when they talk about the job or the mission of your organization. 7. Budget – As a business owner, you are taking on some responsibility for the welfare of your employees. If the amount you are willing to pay for the job is not going to provide for the employee’s family or lifestyle then the job is not the right fit. A financially stressed employee will not be focused at work. 8. Family – When you hire an employee you get their whole family. Get to know them all. An excellent applicant who has a crazy, needy spouse will be distracted and will not perform well for your business. Invite the whole family out for a picnic. Also, if a business owner’s spouse does not like the employee that was hired there will be stress in the business. If you are a business owner, ensure your spouse is on-board with the person you are hiring. 9. 90 day probation period – this is for the employee as well as for the employer. If you can tell within the first 90 days that the job isn’t a good fit then don’t wait any longer. Ensure employees know that this trial period exists before they take the job. Businesses can not afford to hire the wrong employees. Following the steps above will help your business hire a great employee who will help your business thrive.

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