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Alberta Jobs Now Program - Phase 2

The Alberta government has announced the opening of phase 2 of the Alberta Jobs Now program.

This program is intended to create jobs for Albertans by providing a grant to employers that will cover up to 25% of a newly hired employee’s salary for one year.

The first phase of the program started in May 2021 but was closed early because all of the allocated funding was used up.

Phase 2 is open as if November 10 and the rules outlining which employees are eligible for this program have been relaxed to make it easier for more employers to participate and receive this grant.

In the first phase of the program businesses and not-for-profit organizations had to have been operating for more than one year in order to qualify. Now, in phase 2, businesses that have been operating less than a year are eligible to receive the grant.

In the first phase, newly hired employees were required to work at least 30 hours per week to be considered full-time and qualify for the program. For phase 2, part time employees working 15 hours per week or more are eligible.

The focus of the program is to encourage employers to hire unemployed Albertans, however with the phase 2 changes employers are not required to hire unemployed Albertans. Individuals who are currently employed and are transitioning to a new employer also qualify for the program.

An employer can receive this grant for up to 10 positions within their organization and up to a maximum of $25,000 per employee. Employees can qualify for this program if they were hired between May 19, 2021 and the current date. As well, if you are planning to hire someone in the near future you may want to apply for the program to reserve your funding now. This will allow you to participate in the program once the new employee is hired.

For more information on this program visit or contact

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