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Destination Accounting bookkeeping services ensure the financial information you are using to make your business decisions is accurate and up-to-date. 

There is no need to pay an accountant (or any bookkeeper) to enter dates and amounts off receipts. Our office uses industry leading technology and bank-grade security to safely link your bank account to QuickBooks Online so that your bank transactions are uploaded automatically into the bookkeeping software. This system ensures your books are accurate, kept up-to-date and you are paying your accountant to provide you with valuable tax and business planning and not data entry.

Services Available

Destination Accounting In Action:

Jason's business grew quickly and he knew the bookkeeping help he was getting from family members was not producing accurate and reliable information for making financial decisions. At yearend, Jason's accountant had to spend hours fixing the books before he could prepare a tax return. This cost Jason money in accounting fees and the work was draining on the family members who where trying to assist him.

Destination Accounting linked Jason's bank accounts to QuickBooks Online to increase efficiency and was able to reconcile his bank accounts regularly to ensure his books were accurate and kept up to date. 

Destination Accounting also prepared the required GST returns, monthly payroll calculations and filed annual T4's for Jason's employees.

Jason is now able to focus on running his business as he knows his bookkeeping information is accurate. His family members are relieved of the burden they were carrying and they all have more time to spend enjoying life together.

See more examples of Destination Accounting in action:

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