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Personal Tax

Destination Accounting makes personal tax filing hassle-free for you, while we ensure that your tax return is prepared accurately and with the most favorable tax result for your specific situation.

Download and complete our tax organizer form found

and email it to Then its just three steps to the completion of another year of taxes:

1. Information from the Tax Organizer is used to prepare a personalized CRA authorization form for your account. Once we have received the Tax Organizer and prepared your CRA authorization form we will send it to you for signing. This form allows Destination Accounting to speak with CRA on your behalf and access tax information from your CRA account. 


2. The Tax Organizer, CRA authorization and other tax documents that you email to us or drop off at our office will be used to prepare your tax return.


3. Once your tax return has been prepared you will be contacted by our office to arrange a time to meet, review the returns and sign the required forms. Online, telephone or in-person meetings can be arranged.


Destination Accounting In Action:

Jennifer was living in a rented condo and owned two rental properties that were generating moderate income. She wanted to purchase a personal residence for herself and was considering selling one or both of her rental properties to purchase her new home. Jennifer knew there would be tax implications when selling her rental properties but she did not know how to figure out how much money she would have after selling them to put toward the new house. 


Destination Accounting helped Jennifer calculate how much cash she would have to purchase a new house and whether she needed to sell one or both rental properties. Proactive planning gave Jennifer peace of mind knowing she was purchasing a house her family can afford and will enjoy for years to come.

See more examples of Destination Accounting in action:

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