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Corporate Tax and Business Planning

Destination Accounting takes care of compliance with CRA annual filing requirements and prepares plans that make sense for your business. Financial statement preparation and minimizing taxes are just the start. We also take the mystery out of finances so you can understand your business and make well-informed, confident decisions.

Know what to expect with pre-yearend tax planning meetings and make next year even better with post-yearend financial statement reviews. Destination Accounting clients are informed and prepared to head into the upcoming fiscal year with confidence. You can enjoy clarity and peace of mind knowing where your business is at and what needs to be done to take you to your Destination.

Destination Accounting In Action:

Jason came to Destination Accounting as an experienced business owner who had questions about retained earnings. Is it tax-free money? Does it represent the value of the company? How do I withdraw retained earnings? 

These are great questions that we hear often and after one short meeting this client, who had met with many different accountants for years, understood his financial statements and was empowered to maximize the value of his business.

See more examples of Destination Accounting in action:

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